Human-Tech Interaction

Building Better Connections.

The shift from industry 3.0 to 4.0 is driving significant advances in technologies such as AI, machine learning, IOT, big data, and robotics.


This new generation of technology is more intelligent, pervasive, and integrated into our daily lives than ever before.

As the capability and functionality of technology increases, its relationship with humans also evolves, creating new levels of expectations, demand, and opportunities.

We are entering a new kind of relationship with technology where we are mutually interdependent with one another, and where technology is an active partner or team member in our lives. Today, technology needs to understand, motivate, and influence us on a whole new level.
Given this new reality, the big question becomes: 
How can we optimize the interaction between humans and technology to create maximum shared value?


New Level of Interdependence.



Do You Want To Enhance The Quality Of Your Human-Tech Interaction?

We partner to develop an applied cognitive science strategy for your technology product. Our proprietary Human-Tech Imagining Process offers a unique approach for enhancing the relationship between technology and humans through cognitive science. 


Our Human-Tech Imagining Process is comprised of four main steps:

1. Discovery

Identify opportunities for improvement and the key scientific value factors within your technology

2. Connect Tech to Science

Connect your technology to the specific relevant cognitive processes

3. Map Scientific Landscape

Robust mapping of the scientific landscape to identify specific research insights and commission new research as needed

4. Develop Recommendations

Actionable science-based recommendations to enhance your human-tech interaction and advance your strategy


Every engagement with Imagining Human will be customized to meet the specific needs and functions of each technology, and its interaction with its users.

The broader outcome of our work is to ensure that optimal shared value is created through the human-technology interaction. Overall outcomes include:

Greater Adoption

Increased Longevity

Biological & Psychological Alignment

New Value Creation Through Science

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