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Open Positions

Scientific Research Associate (SRA)

Imagining Human (IH) is seeking a Scientific Research Associate (SRA) who will play a key role in the identification, interpretation, and translation of the human sciences to technology. In partnership with IH’s Chief Innovation Officer, a team of world renown scientists, and Ph.D. contributors, the SRA will be responsible for furthering the development of IH’s frameworks, creating metrics for evaluation, partner in research (white papers), help with the coding and building of new protocols, and help to define and create a new field of practice which IH is calling: “Applied Human Sciences to Technology.”


This uniquely talented individual needs to demonstrate a thorough understanding of Human Sciences such as Neuroscience, Sociology, Cognitive Psychology, Anthropology, etc., business and deep technology concepts such as AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, Autonomous Systems, design thinking and statistical analysis. But more importantly, comprehend the intersection of human sciences and technology. The SRA will have responsibility for growing core analytic capabilities at IH, representing the research and data capabilities of IH, and creating collaborative opportunities both within and external to IH. The SRA will help IH ensure optimal analytics capabilities are included as key drivers of enterprise data and tech strategy, helping develop a strong foundation that will support new insights for our clients.


The successful SRA candidate will preferably have the following demonstrated experience and expertise:


  • PhD in Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Sociology, Technology, Statistics, Political Science, Economics, Communication, Sociology Education, or a relevant field of data analytics, 8+ years’ experience in applied human sciences, technology, etc.


  • An understanding of current trends in human sciences, technology, and knowledge of data analytics techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing (and related text analysis), AI, etc.;


  • Solid knowledge of data architectures, metadata, data quality processes, data stewardship and governance, and other data-specific topics.


  • Stellar relationship building skills necessary to work with people from different disciplines and cultures;

  • Strategic thinking, acting and influencing in leading the development of a new models and the scientific and strategic direction for IH;


  • Employs strong advisory skills, business acumen and data analytics expertise to advise business leaders on applied human science and technology analytics opportunities and areas of impact;


  • Intellectual curiosity, innovation, passion, speed and resilience in dealing with data;


  • Good understanding of advanced visualization and analytical “story telling” to present data-based inferences in a way that’s truly insightful;


  • Expertise in statistical modeling, software and methodologies;


  • Experience making sense of large, unstructured datasets;


  • Knowledge of and respect for data confidentiality processes.



Primary Accountabilities


  • Promoting and facilitating leading-edge research by building and providing sufficient support for a community of researchers to enhance research capacity at IH and to increase internal and external research opportunities for scientists and post-doctoral fellows; developing networks between IH and researchers in the field in the public and private sectors, locally, nationally and internationally;


  • Lead the development and execution of research-oriented capability development that continually improves the analytical and scientific interpretation capabilities of IH.


  • Facilitating IH’s thought leadership by transferring knowledge to society through publications, presentations and social media and, where applicable, through technology transfer (e.g. collaborative research; client interventions; and commercialization of intellectual property);


  • Ability to guide the development of analytical solutions from initial intake, discovery to advisory.

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