Creating Clarity For Your Strategy.

Strategy is at the heart of organizational success. For years, management consultants, business schools, and management institutes have advised on business strategy by taking into consideration internal factors combined with hypothetical assumptions based on external market trends and data. What has been missing from this picture is scientific theory around how to optimize the functioning of human systems.

The challenge of strategy increases as technology advances and constantly shifts the demand profile and preferences of consumers worldwide, creating new opportunities and risks for organizations.

Through the research and application of cognitive sciences, we are able to identify and integrate a key new factor for your strategy: a deep understanding of the biological and psychological needs of humans as it relates to your business objectives.

Creating New Value

Through Research.

Business Strategy

Cognitive Science 

New Level of Precision

Do You Want To Utilize The Latest Scientific Research To Inform Your Strategy?

We partner to develop custom research to inform your strategic initiatives. Our proprietary Strategy Imagining Process offers a science-based approach for answering your big questions and building a stronger point of view for the development of your strategy.


Our Strategy Imagining Process is comprised of four main steps:

1. Discovery

Comprehensive, deep dive in understanding the challenge that we are looking to solve via cognitive science

2. Connect Strategy to Science

Connect your strategic initiative to the underpinning cognitive science

3. Map Scientific Landscape

Robust mapping of the scientific landscape to identify specific research insights and commission new research as needed

4. Develop Recommendations

Actionable science-based recommendations to inform the development of your strategic initiative


Every engagement with Imagining Human will be customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of your strategic initiative.

The overarching outcome of our work will be to provide a new level of clarity and precision to your strategic initiative. Adding scientific insights will ground your thinking and offer a unique competitive advantage. Broader outcomes include:

Greater Clarity 

Informed Point of View

Scientific Backing to Your Ideas

New Competitive Advantage

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