Scientific Direction For Your Concept.

Innovating to create new value through technology is the main goal for every organization in the world. 
Whether a technology innovation succeeds or fails is usually diagnosed using market, operational, and technical factors. The human sciences provide an additional layer of strategic analysis. From the perspective of cognitive science, there may be additional reasons to consider why technology does not always reach its full value potential. The first is that the architecture of the technology is not coherent in its intended purpose. The second is that the technology is not aligned with the core biological and psychological needs of humans.
Each year, organizations invest a tremendous amount of money, resources, and time towards the product development process. The status quo for innovation inside organizations is to depend on insights from big data, focus groups, design thinking principles, and other methods to set direction. Although these strategies and insights are often extremely helpful, they can fail to reveal the whole picture because they ignore underlying cognitive and psychological factors. 

The larger picture can be revealed through the strategic application of cognitive science research to the design of your technology concept.

A New Layer of




Cognitive Science Insights

Do You Want To Advance The Development Of Your Technology Concept?

We partner to develop an applied cognitive science strategy for your technology concept through our proprietary Design Imagining Process.


Our Design Imagining Process is comprised of four main steps:

1. Discovery

Comprehensive, deep dive in understanding the desired purpose and value of the technology concept

2. Connect Concept to Science

Connect your technology concept to the specific cognitive processes inherent in its use or function  

3. Map Scientific Landscape

Robust mapping of the scientific landscape to identify specific research insights and commission new research as needed

4. Develop Recommendations

Actionable science-based recommendations to advance the development of your concept and strategy


Every engagement with Imagining Human will be customized to meet the specific needs and functions of your technology concept. 
The broader outcomes of our work is to ensure a coherent architecture for your technology concept and to ensure alignment with the biological and psychological needs of humans. Overall outcomes include:

Greater Concept Accuracy 

Coherent Product Strategy

Biological & Psychological Alignment

New Value Creation Through Science

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